Police And Thief Game

Welcome to Police And Thief Game, a brand new round-based crypto game that lets you collect and loot battle NFTs on the AVAX (Avalanche) blockchain.

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police and thiefs

How To Play

In this game, you’ll start by connecting your Ethereum wallet and minting a new character. You’ll randomly receive either a Police officer or a Thief NFT, which you can use to battle other players’ NFTs in round-based showdowns. The winner of each round earns rewards, and the overall score is tracked on a leaderboard.

There are a few key things you can do in Cops and Robbers:

Collect NFTs

Collect NFTs

Each NFT has unique attributes, such as attack and defense, that determine its strength in battle.

You can collect multiple NFTs and use them to build a powerful team.

Battle Players

Battle Players

Select two of your NFTs to pit against each other in a round-based showdown. The NFT with the higher attack and defense values has a better chance of winning, but there’s always a chance that the underdog will come out on top.

Buy Power-Ups

Buy Power Ups

Want to give your NFTs a boost in battle? You can purchase power-ups using the in-game currency. These power-ups can increase your NFT’s attack or defense values, giving you a better chance of winning rounds.

Track Progress


The leaderboard keeps track of each player’s score, so you can see how you stack up against other players.

As you win rounds and earn rewards, your score will increase, allowing you to climb the ranks


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